• Laundry Services with a Fresh Twist

  • We've got everything you need:

    • Modern self-service laundry with state-of-the-art washer and dryer machines
    • Large-capacity machines for comforters, sleeping bags, dog beds, etc.
    • Friendly on-site staff for laundry assistance
    • Free wifi service
    • Big screen TV
    • Free parking
    • Security cameras in use for your protection and safety
    • Designated washers and dryers for Oily clothes
    • Soap Vending machine available
    • Game room machines for kids
    • Designated lunch area
    • Snack and coke vending machines
  • Our Self-Service Laundry Pricing

    Load Price
    Single load(14lb) $1.75
    Double Load (18lb) $2.00
    Triple Load (25lb) $3.50
    Mega Load (35lb) $4.25
    Maxi Load (60lb) $5.25